Founded in 1986 Innovative Joinery Cape Town is a family run business designing and manufacturing fine Kitchens and Joinery on the cabinet making side for the last 26 years. Cabinet making is the practice of using a variety of woodworking skills to create cabinets, shelving and furniture. These skills as well as knowledge and the love for woodwork have been in the Lawrence family history for many years and subsequently passed down through many generations.
Today there are three generations actively participating in the management and day to day operation of the company, with a dynamic team integrating systems and processes to achieve the same goals – innovation and excellence.

Over to Innovative Joinery

Wood is our passion and without our customers we could not pursue this passion. We don’t rely on sensational marketing claims, but rather develop long term, honest and trust building relationships with our clients. This can be seen by the fact that more than 80% of our work is obtained through referrals. At Innovative Joinery we genuinely care about the products and service we deliver as well as the overall customer experience.
Our customers are important to us, there wants and ideas vital, we will not dictate what you need but rather work together to get your desired result. Taking a vision and making it come to life gives us great pleasure.
We hope to get the opportunity to work with you on your next project.
modern kitchen

What we do

We design, manufacture and install custom cabinetry and furniture to any design or style and in all available finishes, offering solutions across a variety of platforms to the home and business owner. Custom is often perceived as expensive, the reality is that custom costs us the manufacturer no more and has numerous advantages – It allows you to have exactly what you want and does not bind you to certain sizes, finishes or designs. The freedom of size means that projects can be manufactured to fit wall to wall only allowing a levelling allowance (nominally 25 to 30mm). Having carte blanche on finishes and design adds uniqueness to your project making it your own.

Factory and Staff

Situated in the industrial area of Killarney Gardens in the Western Cape our fully equipped factory enables us to create any design or style you want in any available finish. This is achieved with the help of our dedicated staff members who are all experts in their own field. We are proud of the fact that over 75% of our staff have between 12 and 25 years of service with us and all have immeasurable knowledge and experience in their particular field.
All installations are undertaken by our permanently employed, reliable installation teams.

Peace of mind

At Innovative Joinery we are craftsman not salesman, so you will not be pushed into making decisions before you are ready. We don’t rely on sensational marketing claims telling you what to think, we prefer you to develop your own guided opinion about our products and make your decision accordingly.
Our quotations are worked out on custom costing software designed and developed specifically to suit our business. This ensures that prices are accurate and you will never be surprised at the end of your project with extra costs. It also allows us to easily give you a range of prices for different finishes on your project should you have a budget you are working to.
The pressure of having made all the correct decisions at the outset of your project is extremely daunting. We try relieve that pressure and make the experience so much less stressful by having some flexibility after the installation has begun. Should you decide to rather go for that bigger/smaller fridge or stove, move some cupboards around or include that unit you were undecided about after the carcasses are in place, but before worktops are installed we will do our best to accommodate you and adjust our cupboards accordingly. Internal layouts and shelf positions can be altered at anytime during the installation. This is where our advertising budget is spent so the only cost to you would be any extra materials required.
Often misinterpreted is the difference between various finishes and materials available to you, these differences come with huge price variations. The client is often unaware of what finish they are getting, relying on the company they are dealing with to explain the differences and correct terminology. For example in a wood grain finish there is a huge difference between solid timber (self explanatory), veneer (a natural wood layer fused onto a board), laminate (a man made product manufactured through fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature. This product must be bonded to a substrate) and melamine (a man made product whereby wood grain patterns are scanned onto impregnated paper and fused onto a board). Our quotations will always be costed on the finish we have discussed and alternative options will be given if required.