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Innovative Joinery can offer a number of stylish options to the corporate world and business owner. Whether your needs include office furniture, fitting out a shop, a pub or restaurant let us capture the idea and deliver the service your business deserves. Needing cabinetry or joinery for a multi-storey construction site or a kitchenette for the single factory we can assist, and no we have not forgotten the increasingly popular home office. We can either design what you require or send us your design and we will supply a no obligation quotation.

Who said your workplace had to be boring


Office Furniture

The Office is where you spend a great deal of your time, making a well designed and furnished office essential. Modern and fun are the order…
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Shopfitting and Retail

Shopfitting and retail space is valuable and has to be used wisely while still making your customers shopping experience pleasant…
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Pubs and Restaurants

Pubs and restaurants require working to a particular setting or ambience the challenge is to utilise design, colour, and finishes to complete…
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Hard hats and safety boots - we do that to


Construction Industry

The construction industry covers work on new and existing commercial, industrial and domestic buildings or structures…
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Your Office at home

The home office has become a way of life, convenient, cost saving and time saving. Clever design and execution is vital…
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And everything else

Share your problem and we will find the solution. How often have you needed that something but don’t know where to start. Maybe you know what the end result must be but no clue where the starting point is. Tell us what you want and we can design and manufacture your ideas and turn them into reality with you close at hand to view progress through each step, to ensure the end result is your vision.